PLA Air Force's Aerobatics Team showcases wonderful skills at Singapore Airshow

来源:China Military Online责任编辑:Yang Tao
2020-02-12 20:25
The PLA Air Force's Bayi Aerobatics Team is performing an aerobatic stunt at the opening ceremony of the Singapore Airshow.

By Dong Jing and Zhang Lei

Singapore, Feb. 11 -- The six-day Singapore Airshow kicked off at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore on the morning of February 11. The Bayi Aerobatics Team of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, under bad weather condition with extreme low cloud, brought a spectacular visual feast to the audience present with sophisticated stunts and superb skills.

The team accomplished 15 aerobatic stunts within nearly 15 minutes, including solo and team performances, fully demonstrating the pilots' excellent flying skills and the superior maneuverability of China’s J-10 fighter jets.

The world-famous Singapore Airshow is held every two years. This year is its seventh. The aerobatic flying displays this time are mainly carried out by the aerobatics teams from China, Singapore and the US.

"The aerobatic show is thrilling in every session. It’s also a rare opportunity for pilots from various countries to learn from each other," said Jing Fei, a pilot from the Chinese Bayi Aerobatics Team who believed that participating in the air show is a way to deepen the friendship between peoples of China and Singapore. He himself felt honored and proud of it.

All officers and soldiers involved in the air show line up to bless their motherland and cheer on for Wuhan. (Photo by Zhu Jianghai)

After the flying display on the day, all the Chinese officers and soldiers involved lined up on the tarmac to pay tribute to the medics and service members who are fighting in the frontline of the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control within China!

It’s reported that the PLA Air Force's Bayi Aerobatics Team, as a messenger of peace, culture, or friendship, has been to multiple countries including Russia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Thailand, and Pakistan to conduct aerobatic performance missions in recent years.